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What does the Global Savings Plan (GSP) cost?

Access to our membership is $125 (USD) payable every 28 days.

What is included in the Global Savings Plan (GSP)?

Is there a contract to keep the membership for any length of time?

We want our members to love our membership enough to stay with us on their own. There is no contract and they may cancel at any time.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes. If you wish to become an affiliate you may share this exclusive membership with others and receive commissions as well!

What is Saivian’s cancellation policy?

A newly enrolled member has 72 hours to cancel their membership for a full refund of their membership if paid by credit card. There are no refunds on SaiviCards as all sales are final. If a member would like to cancel their membership, they must click the cancelation button in the profile tab prior to the start of their next membership cycle to prevent future charges.

Can I choose where to shop?

Yes. Our members can select up to 20 retail locations per redemption period (Every 30 days) with no more than 10 stores being non-MAP store.

What is considered a MAP and non-MAP store?

MAP stores are merchants that participate in Saivian’s Merchant Advertising Platform (MAP). Non-MAP stores include any other retail location that the member chooses (on-line and brick and mortar) plus airlines and hotels. This can be a small local restaurant or gas station, or a big retail chain. One store must include only the specific location and not the entire chain of stores.

Do online stores like Amazon and eBay count as non-MAP stores?

No, all non-MAP stores must have a brick and mortar location in order to be used. For example, a member could choose because there are ‘Target’ brick and mortar stores across the globe.

When can a member enter stores?

Stores can be entered as you use them throughout the month. Once a store is added and a receipt has been entered for that location, it cannot be removed until your next redemption.

How often can a member change their MAP and non-MAP stores?

Members can change their stores after every cash back redemption has taken place (every 30 days).

Are there weekly or monthly maximums for receipts entered?

Members can enter an unlimited amount of receipts but receive a maximum of $250 in cash back each month, minus $5 processing fee, with all remaining receipts rolling over.

Can a receipt be any amount?

All receipts must be between $5-300 for retail purchases and between $50-3000 for flights and hotels. The amount must be the subtotal only and not include any taxes or tips/gratuity.

Can a member purchase gift cards or prepaid cards, at the store they chose, then turn in that receipt for cash back?

No. We verify all the receipt data with our internal process and those items are not considered retail purchases. The money is just changing forms.

What happens if I enter more than $1250 in receipts a month?

All receipts over the initial $1250 will rollover to the next month and can be applied to the members next redemption. There are no limits to the number of receipts you may enter.

What form of payment can a member use when purchasing items for the cash back program?

Members must register the last 4 digits of one credit/debit card with Saivian and use this card for all purchases turned in through the cash back portal. This is how Saivian can track individual spending habits. The credit card can be changed once every 30 days or after a member redeems.

What does a member do if their credit card is lost or stolen in the middle of a redemption cycle?

There is a link to click lost or stolen card if this occurs. The member must submit proof of the new card issued by the bank or credit card agency during their next redemption.

What travel receipts can be included?

Hotel and Airline tickets. Must be purchased direct and not through a third party travel agency or website.

When should airline tickets be entered?

Airline receipts should be entered after the date of travel. The original date of purchase for the ticket must also be within the same receipt redemption period. The Saivian member is required to submit the receipt from the airline as well as a copy of the passengers boarding pass as proof that the flight was taken.

Will any AirBnB or Vacation Rentals by Owner (VRBO) count as hotels?

No. Our marketing partners do not require that data.

Will public transportation like a bus or a train receipt count as travel?

No. Our marketing partners do not require that data.

How often can redemptions be submitted?

All redemptions can be submitted once every 30 days in increments of $125 and $250. A member’s first redemption is $125 and may be up to $250 every month following if there is enough in the redemption wallet.

Why is the redemption button not working?

Either it has not been a full 30 days since your last redemption or you do not have enough money in your redemption wallet to redeem. A member can redeem in increments of $125 and $250.

What time of the day can a member submit their redemptions?

Redemptions can be submitted 24 hours a day, Monday-Friday EST.

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