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Retail Shopping Membership (RSM)

As an active member with our Retail Shopping Membership (RSM), you will have access to receive up to 20% cashback on your everyday shopping! This includes online and in-person purchases at leading and local department stores, electronics stores, clothing retailers, coffee shops, and grocers. Simply register the last four digits of your preferred method of payment, including MasterCard, Visa Debit/Credit, Discover, and American Express. Once registered, you will record the store, date, and amount of your purchase ranging from $5 to $300 directly from your receipts.

Merchant Advertising Platform

· Show an unlimited amount of current customers how to save 20% cashback on your products and services, while you still receive full price!

· Unlimited 20% cashback offers to all existing Saivian members worldwide and you still receive full price!

· Listing on the Saivian worldwide mobile app, where tens of thousands of people will be looking for your business.

· Social share for customers to promote their 20% cashback experience with their social networks, driving more customers into your door.

· Quickly becoming a game-changing loyalty and rewards program for small businesses.

· Become a designated affiliate for no additional cost and receive commissions for each direct and indirect subscription purchased for the life of each membership. Earn to advertise your business!

· Enroll into MAP by purchasing a MAP membership for $125 every 28 days.

· Each business can refer three other members or merchants and then moving forward have their monthly MAP membership covered by Saivian for each 28-day cycle those referrals remain members.

· Level the playing field with the big companies and on-line merchants!

Global Travel Membership (GTM)

As an active member with our Global Travel Membership (GTM), you will have access to receive up to 20% cashback on your travel expenses! This includes name-brand hotels and resorts across the globe booked through our exclusive travel booking engine. As an added bonus, we are including airfare purchased directly with the major public global airlines. Simply register the last four digits of your preferred method of payment, including MasterCard, Visa Debit/Credit, Discover, and American Express. Once registered, you will record the hotel/airline, date, and amount of purchase ranging from $50 to $3000 directly from your travel receipts. In the event that you do not travel in a particular month, your $250 monthly cashback will be ROLLED OVER. This feature allows you to travel at your leisure and still receive up to the $250 travel cashback. All unused cashback expires after thirty days.

How the Membership Works

Beginning 30 days after your card registration, and every 30 days in between thereafter, you can redeem your cashback in $125 to $250 increments. Redemptions are verified 30 days after receipt of submission and paid 30 days after verification. The cashback redemptions will be paid directly to your registered Circa account on file via ACH deposit. Your Retail Shopping Membership (RSM) may be in addition to your credit card and store rewards programs and your Global Travel Membership (GTM) may be in addition to your current travel and airline rewards programs. To remain active and have the ability to access the total value of up to $3,000 cashback on an annual basis, the membership fee is only $125, payable every 28 days through your registered Circa card account. There is no contract and you can cancel at any time!

The Math is Simple!

The math is simple. Keeping your Retail Shopping Membership (RSM) and the Global Travel membership(GTM) active is almost like DOUBLING your money in value every year by simply doing something you have always done and will continue to do in the future. The registration and recording process allows us to collect the data necessary for our marketing partners. Then, based on the data from the purchasing patterns, the marketing partners can make a determined decision regarding what monetary level, medium, and location of advertising to purchase. The goal of the advertising revenue is to help subsidize the cashback model to our active members. Generating revenue through advertising, based on their member's interests, is similar to how billion dollar brands like Facebook and Twitter work.

Instant Savings Benefit (ISB)

All active Retail Shopping Membership (RSM) members will have access to the Instant Savings Benefit (ISB). The ISB will allow you to have immediate access to over 300,000 Marketing Partners throughout the United States, providing special savings to Saivian RSM members. Each partner has their own unique discount ranging from 2-for-1 dinners at restaurants to half-off movie tickets. Each discount will be available instantly at the point of purchase, providing Saivian RSM members with even more value by saving them even more money every year! All active RSM members will need to do a one-time ISB activation in their back office under the Member link. The $25 activation and renewal fee is currently being waived through this promotional roll-out period.

The Saivian Compensation Plan

The Saivian Compensation plan is based on Retail Membership Sales to the consumer marketplace.

The compensation plan is based on Retail Membership Sales through an independent affiliate team. Affiliate commissions are calculated and paid based on the current rank of the independent affiliate and their current Retail Membership Sales. Affiliate commissions are paid 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Affiliate commissions are calculated daily at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time and paid the next day at 12:01 a.m. Please see rank achievement details below.

All Founder Ranks require that at least 50% of your Retail Membership Sales are split between your two Affiliate Teams. Once you have achieved the highest Founder rank, you will unlock the next level of the Affiliate compensation plan, the Ambassador ranks, which also unlocks the opportunity to build a third Affiliate team. Please see rank achievement details below.

Ambassador Ranks Explained

All Ambassador Ranks require a minimum sales volume balance of at least 35% over three Affiliate Teams.

Start Building Daily Residual Income as a Saivian Independent Affiliate
through the Retail Sales of our Memberships.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Product?
The products include the Retail Shopping Membership and the Global Travel Membership. Each provides access to receive up to $3000 annually through 20% cashback shopping.
How much does the Retail Shopping Membership cost?
The Retail Shopping Membership costs only $125 to start, and then is payable once every 28 days. That is only $1,625 annually to receive up to $3,000 in cashback rewards, potentially saving you $1,375 just for doing your everyday shopping!
Can I still shop at my favorite stores?
Yes. You can still continue to shop at your favorite stores and buy the same products and merchandise,while still using your preferred method of payment, including MasterCard, Visa Debit/Credit, Discover, and American Express.
How often can I redeem my Cash Back?
Beginning 30 days after your card registration, and every 30 days in between thereafter, you can redeem your cashback in $125 to $250 increments.
Is there a verification process?
Yes. With each cashback redemption, you will need to upload your receipts matching your payment method on file as verification of your purchases.
Is there a minimum or maximum Cash Back redemption amount?
Once every 30 days, as an active member, you can redeem a minimum of $125 and a maximum of $250 from your accumulated cashback account.
How often can I change my store preferences and method of payment?
At the time of redemption, you will have the option to update your store preferences and method of payment.
What happens if my payment is returned?
If your payment is returned, you will no longer have access to your cashback shopping benefits and all accumulated funds in your cashback account will be forfeited. There is a 3-day reinstatement period allowed, but a $45 reinstatement fee will be applied.

What is the cancellation period?
There is no long-term contract required. You may cancel at any time, but you must cancel at least 1 business day prior to your membership renewal date. This applies to all cancellations including all membership types.

Saivian Corporate Offices

US Bank Building - Los Angeles - CA

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Meet the Saivian Corporate Team

John Sheehan - President

Over the course of a career spanning more than 20 years, Mr. Sheehan achieved success in complex organizations such as network marketing, retail, and non-profits. John has worked and sold products to MLM companies, owned wireless stores in 6 states, and has set membership and donation records for non-profits. By combining strong management skills with deep experience in servant leadership, sales, and marketing, John has been able to build the operational processes and collaborative relationships that are critical to achieving goals for revenue, quality, and growth.

Mr. Sheehan's key to his success has been a commitment to developing the strengths of employees, creating a supportive work environment that values performance and encourages teamwork and productivity. More than anything, he values hard work and passion, and he searches for opportunities to provide the tools needed for employees and leaders to advance in their own careers.

John enjoys serving his church, his beautiful wife of 15 years and 2 precious children and now YOU!

Steve Gewecke - Chief Marketing Officer

Steve was an early-stage consultant with the company. His belief in, and shared passion for, the Saivian vision and opportunity, has resulted in him taking an active role in the company leadership. Steve has been involved in the direct selling and network marketing industry for over 23 years. He has been a top producer and master distributor for numerous companies where he built large sales organizations, the largest being over seventy thousand people. Steve has also worked on the corporate side of the industry as a President, National Trainer, Chief Marketing Officer and International Marketing Director.

Over the years, Steve has been a sought-after consultant. Steve is also well-known in the industry for being an elite and enlightening conference speaker and talented presenter. Steve is very passionate about entrepreneurship and helping people reach their goals. He enjoys basketball, golf, skiing, watching movies, and traveling as his hobbies. His family includes his wife, Tami, and their six children: Michael, Josh, Justin, John, Zach and Alex.

Patricio Diez - Latin Marketing Director

Patricio studied languages and science at the USFQ in Ecuador, moving on to hospitality and tourism management in Switzerland and world economics in the U.S. He is fluent in English and Spanish, proficient in Portuguese and French, and very interested in learning other languages. He has been an entrepreneur since his teenage years where he started in local farming and later managed the family businesses. He currently owns and operates one of Ecuador's top hotels, Arash's Resort & Spa. During his travels, he has worked in small and online business ventures, either by himself or with motivated partners. While living in the U.S., he worked in the Network Marketing industry training Spanish speakers and creating training videos. Part of his experience was simultaneously interpreting in Mexico, Texas, California, and Miami. He was a part of a company in the U.S. which merged with a group in Guadalajara and developed over 40 thousand new members. Patricio, along with his teammates, received an international expansion award during the annual member ceremony for the fast pace of the new business development. World travel opportunities have taken him to places such as Alaska, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Puerto Rico, Spain, Colombia, Brazil, and Costa Rica! He enjoys reading, bicycling, trying new Asian food restaurants, and listening to all types of music from around the globe.

Bob Doran - Communications Director

Bob has been a traditional business guy most of his life, starting out in the Real Estate Sales/Investment industry. When the real estate market crashed in the late 80s, he was introduced to the publishing business through a friend. In 1999, after a few years of mentorship, he and his wife launched their own magazine that they grew to 500,000 readers. Nine years into growing the magazine, the great recession hit the magazine business hard. It was at this time Bob realized he needed a "Safety Net" income. In 2010, an old friend called with a network marketing opportunity. The opportunity made sense and the timing was right, so Bob started working on that second income stream part-time in his spare time. Two years into his "Side Project," he was making enough money to rival his publishing business and decided to sell all the headaches of a traditional business and turn his Plan B into his Plan A. In 2012, after consulting his wife, he sold out to his largest competitor and entered the Network Marketing Profession full time. In just a few short years in his prior company, Bob and the team he built, brought in over 100,000 customers, promoting him to the first million-dollar earner in that company. He says what gets him up in the morning is helping others achieve more of what they want out of life. Bob says his favorite title ever bestowed on him is: DAD. He is a family guy married to his wife for over 28 years and has two beautiful children.

Kevin Marino - Master Affiliate

Kevin has been a lifelong entrepreneur, owning numerous traditional businesses. In the early 90s, he found network marketing. He not only worked in the industry as a representative and leader, but he also worked as a national trainer and consultant for multiple companies. Kevin returned to the private sector for almost 6 years, during which time he experienced the harsh reality of the real estate market crash of 2008-2009. In 2010, he made the decision to return to the network marketing industry to become the master distributor for a company where he became a 7-figure earner, leading a team of 146,000 people, within three and a half years.

Since 2010, Kevin served on the board of The Association of Network Marketing Professionals for two years. He is a guest speaker at industry events, bringing his form of humor, straight talk, and a knack for pointing out the blatantly obvious, while teaching people how to grow their businesses!